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Who We Are

Globally Operating
Manufacturer of Network Equipment

Deciso is a highly innovative company that develops network appliances and middleware software. Our field of expertise ranges from open source firewall & utm technology to telecommunications and business intelligence. The company was founded in 2000 with a strong focus on open source technology.

Dutch Design

& Made
In The Netherland

Our engineers know the test & manufacturing challenges that can arise from lesser design choices. To obtain high-quality products we work in close cooperation with our local manufacturer, this ensures a high yield and a low slip-trough. Ultimately our efficient design process ensure the customer the best quality at a competitive price.

Open Source

Free, Libre
Open Source Software

Open source software  makes development easier, faster, it makes you less depended on the supplier and results in lower cost of ownership. As a true believer we use open source software all around from our back-end systems to the turn-key appliances that you can acquire from our resellers. Deciso is an active sponsor of the Open Source Initiative (OSI) and founder of the open source OPNsense firewall software.

Netboard A10

The Netboard A10 is Deciso’s in house developed mainboard for embedded networking appliances. Deciso’s 15 years of experience has lead to this high tech and extremely reliable mainboard, designed for stability and performance.

The Netboard A10 has a wide range power input and can react quickly on changes in input voltage that can be the result of power fluctuation from solar or wind energy.


System Health
We are the founders of OPNsense

Deciso offers the OPNsense project a stable environment.

We have a long history in providing networking solutions using open source software and have supported many OSS projects in the past.

Our extensive knowledge of software development provides the OPNsense community with a modern and professional approach and results in maintainable software.

In its effort to create the most widely used open source security platform, Deciso has been joined by multiple partners who share the same views on open and transparent software.



Open Source Community

Deciso believes in open source as an enabler for businesses and is a proud sponsor of the Open Source Initiative (OSI). As founder of OPNsense we believe that sharing knowledge creates better products: the core tenet of open source and the primary driver for our success over the past 15+ years.

Unsurpassed Quality

Dutch Design – Rock solid hardware, developed by engineers that understand your business, focused on creating perfect products.

Professional Services

Over a decade of accumulated extensive knowledge and expertise. We offer a full range of support services for businesses,  integrators and resellers. Whether you require implementation & configuration support or design and engineering expertise, we are available to get you started quickly.

Our expertise

Creative, ‘Can do’ Attitude

Our creativity combined with a ‘can do’ attitude results in high quality solutions that satisfy your business requirements.

Open Source Security


Hardware Design


Software Design