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We protect your digital space with certified,
top-tier security solutions

Our easy-to-use - hardware and software firewall products are at the vanguard of network protection. Together with our vast community of collaborators we develop turn-key security solutions for your fast evolving digital space. Through verification and certification, we create trustworthy solutions.



About us

As the developers of the OPNsense firewall platform, our dedication goes beyond providing sturdy solutions; we empower businesses to navigate the ever-changing digital landscape with unwavering confidence. With Deciso®, you’re not merely selecting one of our security products; you’re forging a partnership with the forefront defender for your digital space.



Peace of mind in your digital space

We are at the vanguard of digital security innovation. Our OPNsense product line stands as a testament to this commitment. From powerful software to robust hardware solutions, we offer a comprehensive range of firewall and routing platform solutions, tailored to meet the diverse needs of modern businesses. With a robust feature set, we provide comprehensive protection without unnecessary complexities.

OPNsense is continuously and frequently updated in small increments to swiftly respond to emerging threats. This is how we stay true to our mission to protect you from ever evolving dangers in your digital landscape.



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Every interaction is an opportunity to learn, grow, and innovate. That’s why we foster relationships, help share insights, and drive positive change through connection. Whether you have questions, need help, or simply want to exchange ideas, we welcome you to reach out to us. (Your input, feedback, and collaboration are essential to our mission of creating a safer and more informed digital landscape.)