Securing Networks™

Keep the good packets flowing and the bad ones out, just as easy as that sounds.

  •  Intrusion Detection & Prevention
  •  Two-Factor Authentication
  • Built-in NetFlow Analyser
  • IPsec, OpenVPN, ZeroTier VPN
  • Hardened Operating System
  • Open & Verifiable Sources (Github)
  • Suitable for any business size
  • Turn-key appliances that just work

High Quality Dutch Engineering

Designed and Made in The Netherlands, Europe

 New! OPNsense® Certified™ Appliances

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Unsurpassed Quality

Dutch Design – Rock solid hardware, developed by engineers that understand your business, focused on creating perfect products.

Founder of OPNsense®

Founder of the open source OPNsense firewall software. Deciso is a true believer in open source as an enabler for businesses. Sharing knowledge creates better products: the core tenet of open source and the primary driver for our success over the past 20+ years.

Services & Support

Over two decades of accumulated extensive knowledge and expertise.
We offer a full range of support services for businesses,  integrators and resellers. Whether you require implementation & configuration support or design and engineering expertise, we are available to get you started quickly.

Open Source 

High End Features

The feature set of OPNsense includes high-end features such as forward caching proxy, traffic shaping, intrusion detection and easy OpenVPN client setup.

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Resellers & Distributors

Deciso offers high quality Dutch engineered OPNsense appliances, build in the Netherlands and sold worldwide. Become a partner and start offering our products and services to your clients.

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