The OPNsense Software solutions delivers unparalleled protection for your digital space. Developed in-house and continuously refined by our team, and our community, our software stands as a testament to your safety.

We democratize digital security. We offer a free, open-source version of OPNsense Software. This version serves as a foundational platform, providing a fully functional set of security features to all users at no cost. For those seeking additional functionality and enhanced capabilities, support and guidance, we offer a paid Business version of the software, unlocking premium features and advanced tools.

Furthermore, the free version of OPNsense Community Software doubles as a dynamic development platform, where new functionalities are tested and refined before being incorporated into the paid version. This seamless integration ensures that our community benefits not only from the core features but also from continuous innovation and improvement.

This how we continuously improve our software

OPNsense® development

Feature request

Bug reports

OPNsense® software community version

Continuous feedback community

Delayed release

OPNsense® software business version

Extra features

Security updates

LINCE compliance testing


Benefits OPNsense® software

  • Cost-efficiency
  • Community provides continues improvements
  • Absolute transparency
  • Enhanced security

OPNsense® Business Edition
1 year subscription

OPNsense® Business Edition
3 year subscription