Deciso announces netboard A10

Deciso announces netboard A10

Deciso announces its Netboard A10 delivering unrivaled performance suitable for a broad range of network applications.

The focus of development has been the open source initiatives that Deciso is involved in.

Utilizing the embedded AMD G-series SOC, the Netboard A10 platform provides up to four cores, aes crypto and hardware virtualization.Deciso enhances BIOS security by implementing the auditable and open source BIOS Coreboot.

Designed and produced in the Netherlands the A10 is a European product utilizing only high quality components.

Deciso’s OEM services enable customers to create unique products and get them on the marketplace fast, reliable and affordable. The Netboard A10 is an excellent starting point for new designs.

Samples will be available for selected customers in Q4 2013. General availability is scheduled for Q1 2014.

Deciso B.V. is a highly innovative company that develops networking solutions and middleware software.
Its field of expertise ranges from open source firewall & utm technology to telecommunications and business intelligence.
The company was founded in 2000 with a strong focus on open source technology.