OPNsense® 23.7 Restless Roadrunner released

Effective immediately, this release marks a pivotal milestone in the platform’s evolution, focusing on the significant migration of legacy components to the modern Model-View-Controller (MVC) framework, consequently augmenting API support for developers and integrators.

Just as the roadrunner bird is known for its speed, adaptability, and relentless pursuit, so too does this release embody these qualities. “Restless Roadrunner” reflects our unwavering commitment to innovation, resilience against challenges, and dedication to enhancing network security and performance.

Jos Schellevis, CTO of Deciso, underscores the significance of this update, stating,

“The ‘Restless Roadrunner’ signifies our continuous commitment to modernization and innovation. This release marks an essential evolution in our platform, empowering developers and integrators through extensive migration to the modern MVC framework, enriching network security capabilities.”

Unveiling OPNsense® 23.7 “Restless Roadrunner”, Deciso® takes a pivotal step in firewall platform evolution, empowering developers and integrators with enhanced API support through a significant migration to a modern MVC framework. Discover how this release mirrors the agility and resilience of its namesake, the roadrunner, pushing the boundaries of innovation and network security.

This version enables API support for a broad spectrum of features, achieved through the diligent work on the MVC framework. Legacy migrated features include:
• Interface diagnostics (Ping / Traceroute and Portprobe)
• LAGG interfaces
• System Services (Diagnostics)
• DHCP Leases, both IPV4 and IPV6
• Advanced Unbound DNS capabilities

Additionally, floating rules and groups benefit from improved visibility, thus simplifying network management.

A newly redesigned, user-friendly, and fully API enabled OpenVPN Instances module is also included in this release, providing developers and integrators with greater control and flexibility in VPN configurations.

Keeping pace with the restless roadrunner, the core OS has been upgraded to FreeBSD 13.2 for enhanced stability, security, and performance.

OPNsense is the fastestest growing open-source security platform with an Open Source Initiative (OSI) approved 2-clause or simplified BSD license. Its extensive feature set spans from router/firewall to inline intrusion detection and prevention.

Distinctively, it is the only open-source firewall that comes with the highly valued Proofpoint® ET Pro ruleset at no cost in the form of the ET Pro Telemetry edition and a mission-critical LINCE compliant version.

The project stands out for its innovative approach to modularizing and hardening, simple and reliable firmware upgrades, multi-language support, hardened security, fast adoption of upstream software updates, and a robust and friendly community.

As the founder of the OPNsense project, Deciso offers turnkey solutions along with commercial support and services.

About Deciso
Deciso B.V. ( is a globally operating manufacturer of networking equipment. The company designs and produces complete products for integrators, OEMs and resellers. Deciso believes in the power of open source and actively contributes to the open source community. The company was founded in 2000 and is located in Middelharnis, the Netherlands

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