A Trusted Journey: Deciso®’s 10th Major OPNsense® Business Edition 23.10, Defines Excellence.

Middelharnis, the Netherlands, October 17th, 2023

In an era where cybersecurity threats are constantly evolving, a dependable and innovative firewall solution becomes invaluable. With OPNsense Business Edition 23.10, Deciso reaffirms its position at the pinnacle of cutting-edge firewall technology.

This iteration is a result of our persistent pursuit for perfection and the
invaluable feedback from our loyal user community. Here’s a closer look at what this release brings to the table:

  • Enhanced WireGuard Plugin: The newly refined WireGuard plugin seamlessly supports High Availability (CARP), guaranteeing uninterrupted and steadfast network connectivity.
  • Revamped OPNcentral: Deciso’s central management environment, adept at overseeing the management of a diverse range of firewalls, now features advanced multi-tenancy support. Furthermore, users can seamlessly view the backup history from connected nodes.
  • Backup & History API Enabled: Aligning with the requirements of modern infrastructure, the Backup & History feature is now empowered with API capabilities, offering a pathway for versatile and automated backup methodologies.
  • Advanced OPNWAF Settings: The OPNsense Web Application Firewall (OPNWAF) introduces TLS security profile selection for each vhost. Users can now fine-tune their security configurations, opting for either ‘most compatible’ or ‘most secure’, based on each application’s unique security requisites.
  • Updated Documentation: To ensure users can make the most of all new features and improvements, Deciso has meticulously updated the documentation, reinforcing its commitment to user-centric design and ease of use.
  • LINCE Certification: Formal LINCE certification is currently in the pipeline, highlighting Deciso’s continuous quest for excellence and adherence to global cybersecurity standards.

With OPNsense Business Edition 23.10, we're elevating the standards of firewall solutions, and we're just getting started.

"This 10th major business release isn't just about new features; it represents a culmination of years of trust,
relentless commitment to innovation, and our promise to deliver only the best to our users,"

The OPNsense Business Edition is a mission critical and LINCE compliant version of the well know and fastest growing open-source security platform. It comes with it own commercial repository, an official Open Virtualization image and integrated GeoIP database.

It is equipped with more business-oriented functionality such as central management, web application firewall, fine grained proxy access management and an extended (DNS) blocklists module.

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