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Middelharnis., 2022 –
October 26th, The Netherlands

Deciso® announces the immediate availability of
OPNsense® Business Edition 22.10.

Ever since 2019 an OPNsense edition aimed at professional users is made available, called the Business Edition.

This edition offers additional safeguards where functional changes are being included in a more conservative manner and feedback has been collected from development and community.

The Business Edition is a mission critical version of the well known OPNsense firewall.

On top of that it offers specific business-oriented features such as central management (OPNcentral), web application firewall (OPNWAF) and a proxy service with fine grained access control and categories that can be used in policies (OPNProxy).

With 22.10 an important next step is taken by bringing a third party on board and mold a process around security verification by trained security professionals. This process was silently started with version 22.4 and, from now on, this third-party security verification will be standard for every major business release.

The security verification will be done according to the LINCE methodology developed by Spanish National Cryptologic Center.

The Business Edition is a mission critical and LINCE compliant version of the well known OPNsense firewall. 

LINCE is a lightweight methodology for evaluating and certifying ICT products based on Common Criteria principles and oriented to vulnerability analysis and penetration tests. Its strengths over other methodologies mainly consist of reduced effort and duration. However, the way in which it is applied also makes it possible to pay more attention to the critical points of each product, giving more weight to concrete and practical tests that combat real threats than to dense documentation or exhaustive functionality tests.

Together with jtsec an approach which makes it possible to pass the test twice a year was developed, to align with the Business Edition release schedule.

The OPNsense Business Edition is currently the only open-source firewall solution that offers LINCE compliance in its core.

OPNsense is the fastest growing open-source security platform with an Open Source Initiative (OSI) approved 2-clause or simplified BSD license. Its feature set is extensive and ranges from router/firewall to inline intrusion detection and prevention.

The project is defined by its innovation through modularizing and hardening, simple and reliable firmware upgrades, multi-language support, hardened security, fast adoption of upstream software updates as well as a large and friendly community.

Deciso is the company that founded the OPNsense project and offers turnkey solutions as well as commercial support and services.

About Deciso
Deciso B.V. is a leading manufacturer of open-source network security products and services. As the founder of the OPNsense project, Deciso believes in the power of open source. The company is founded in 2000 and is located in Middelharnis, the Netherlands.

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