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Middelharnis., 2022 –
January 27th, The Netherlands

January 27th, 2022 – Middelharnis, The Netherlands – Deciso® announces the immediate availability of OPNsense® 22.1 named “Observant Owl”.

The Observant Owl marks the 15th major release of the popular open source firewall and security platform.

In its 8th year and about 20.000 commits later the project is still growing rapidly with over 2000 new forum users since the last major release.

This latest release is based on FreeBSD 13 and brings lots of improvements, driver updates and performance enhancements.

Besides the updated OS, new features are introduced both in the core system as well as in its community driven plugin repository. For instance, system tuneables now include defaults and support status and the old dynamic DNS plugin has been updated to the new ddclient.

The Owl, known to be a wise animal, can turn their heads almost 270 degrees and sees almost everything and what it does not see it can still hear with is superb hearing. 

The latest ET Open rules have been updated to support Suricata version 6. These freely available rules, for the built-in intrusion detection and prevention system, also includes several rules to detect intrusions exploiting the Log4j vulnerability.

Furthermore, large enterprise users will benefit from the improvements made in the IPsec VPN tunnel settings, largely reducing load times in large setups. And the improved Link aggregation (LAGG) configurability. Also, hostname name resolve-times have been greatly improved.

The Firewall API plugin now also supports the no-NAT flag.

The Owl, known to be a wise animal, can turn their heads almost 270 degrees and sees almost everything and what it does not see it can still hear with is superb hearing. Farmers like to use the Owl as natural pest control, keeping unwanted rodents of their fields. Likewise, OPNsense ‘sees’ all the packets on the network and keeps the bad ones out.

OPNsense is the fastest growing open-source security platform with an Open Source Initiative (OSI) approved 2-clause or simplified BSD license. Its feature set is extensive and ranges from router/firewall to inline intrusion detection and prevention.

It is the only open-source product that comes with the highly valued Proofpoint® ET Pro ruleset at no cost in the form of the ET Pro Telemetry edition.

The project is defined by its innovation through modularizing and hardening, simple and reliable firmware upgrades, multi-language support, hardened security, fast adoption of upstream software updates as well as a large and friendly community.

As with every release, the latest security patches have been applied and the latest component versions have been included. The mission to make OPNsense the most widely used open source security platform is well on its way.

About Deciso
Deciso B.V. ( is a globally operating manufacturer of networking equipment. The company designs and produces complete products for integrators, OEMs and resellers. Deciso believes in the power of open source and actively contributes to the open source community. The company was founded in 2000 and is located in Middelharnis, the Netherlands