OPNsense® is a Deciso Open Source Software Project. Community website at OPNsense.org

Short introduction to OPNsense, FLOSS Weekly 361

Since the first public release OPNsense frequently  makes the headlines in popular shows and magazines. We have been interviewed in BSDNow.tv (episode 072)  , FLOSS Weekly (episode 361) , featured in newelectronics , Elektronic (DE) and  LinuxMagazine (NL).

OPNsense Core Features

  • Traffic Shaper
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Captive portal
  • Forward Caching Proxy (transparent) with Blacklist support
  • Virtual Private Network (site to site & road warrior)
  • High Availability & Hardware Failover
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention
  • Build-in reporting and monitoring tools including RRD Graphs
  • Netflow Export & Analysis
  • Support for plugins
  • DNS Server & DNS Forwarder
  • DHCP Server and Relay
  • Dynamic DNS
  • Encrypted configuration backup to Google Drive
  • Stateful inspection firewall
  • Granular control over state table
  • 802.1Q VLAN support
  • and more..
OPNsense is an open source,
easy-to-use and easy-to-build FreeBSD based firewall and routing platform.

Feature set

The feature set of OPNsense includes high-end features such as forward caching proxy, traffic shaping, intrusion detection and easy OpenVPN client setup. The latest release is based upon FreeBSD 11 for long-term support and uses a newly developed MVC-framework based on Phalcon.

OPNsense’s focus on security brings unique features such as the option to use LibreSSL instead of OpenSSL (selectable in the GUI) and a custom version based on HardenedBSD.

The robust and reliable update mechanism gives OPNsense the ability to provide important security updates in a timely fashion.

OPNsense Brochure