How-to, write a bootable image to USB

Before you get started make sure you know what the drive name of the USB device is on your system. Unpack any zipped,tarred,gzipped or bz2 packed image before flashing it onto a drive.

All data on the drive you flash to will be lost!

Following this procedure is on your own risk. If you do not understand the instructions then stop and call for professional support.


For windows users, first download   physdiskwrite

Make very sure you select the right disk !!
physdiskwrite [-u] filename.img

FreeBSD / Linux / Mac OSX

Use the dd command to write the image to disk.

For Mac OSX users

to find our the drive where your usb drive is located type:

diskutil list

to unmount the disk

diskutil umountDisk diskname

For all users

Always make sure you have select the right disk before proceeding!!
cd /directory_where_image_file_is_located
sudo dd if=./filename.img of=/dev/drivename  bs=1024k